About Us

About Takkya : 

Takkya Furniture was established in 2012, it started as a new furniture concept, in the United Arab Emirates, and the Gulf region. The word «Takkya» means cushion in Arabic, it is pronounced differently from region to region in the Arab world, but it has the same use, its either a back or a side cushion and they are bigger than normal sized cushion. In takkya, we decided to take the old tradition takkya and make make Furniture collections inspired by it.


The original “takkya” pillows had became an item that was no longer interestin to all generations, and became outdated. This is where the thought for this new idea came, in an effort to conserve this priceless piece of furniture. by making modern seating and incorporating elements from the “takkya,” such as embroidery, side ruffles, as well as the size, while also incorporating new ideas, such as changing color, shapes, fabrics, and patterns, and also repurposing the takkya as modern sofas, dining chairs,bean bag, andmini cushions.


To be the first Emarati Furniture and home decor brand that is inspired by the authenticity of the emarati life style. Also to expand the Furniture line and home product, and open more branches nationally and internationally.


To reflect the hospitality of the Emirati household by creating experiences from the Products we design.


“He who does not have a past, will not have a present or a future” Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, beloved late president of the United Arab Emirates.